Monday, July 20, 2015

How Not To Lose Hope As A Christian in A Minority Culture (Part 7)

This is a seven part series that was originally given as one meditation for a vespers service at Central Christian Church in Grand Rapids Michigan.  In my opinion, people who are living their lives with the Bible as their authority are in a minority in our country.

I took a FB test recently that told me I was a pessimist.  While I have never been a sugar plums and puppies kind of person, I have been a half full girl, not a half empty one.

I have so changed since 9-11.  Since I do not believe our country will be improving any time in the near future, am I doomed to be a pessimist?  NO!  I can pray for an attitude adjustment and I can tell myself the TRUTH, the way that I always have when times have gotten tough in my life.

Truth Seven:   I do not know where our current history in the USA will lead. 

Yes, it sure does feel like a slippery slope of badness to me.  But
feelings are not facts.  I remember reading "The Christians Secret of a Happy Life" years ago by Hannah Whitall Smith.  She talks about feelings being the caboose of the train.  Facts, Faith, then that order.  How I feel about any given circumstance really has little weight in the grand scheme of things; a train can run without a caboose.

I end this pep talk to myself with this scripture from Deut. 29:29:

"The secret things belong to the Lord but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children."

Dear God, Help me to put the revealed truth I know into practice and leave the secret things to you.

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  1. Karen, I love the simplicity of honest faith and following God which comes thru ...and especially I love the no-frills reliance on your go-to manual for how to live day to day on this pilgrimage called earthly life.

    And we need to pass on the things revealed , to anyone who will listen, including our offspring....may they have eyes to see and ears to hear! this world offers many distractions so that God's voice is not heard...BUT He responds to everyone who seeks Him. Thanks for sharing the blog...