Sunday, August 26, 2012

Running My Own Unique Race-Part 4

I didn't know this was going to be a special week.  I didn't know this was going to be a turning point in the last five months of my life.  I hesitate to tell you all the things that happened this week because it may sound like bragging.  This week was so full of confirmation, not a typical week but a week that represents the last 14 or so years of living on the West Side.  I give God all the glory for what happened and how he has used me during this time.

1.  The week started with a word of encouragement from Jackie during a small group meeting.  She asked about Arts Camp and I told her about a mom and her son who are coming over soon to do mosaics.  She thought it was great that I was being open to God.

2.  That comment so lifted me up that a day or two later when I was walking to get some free bread from TOW, instead of just saying "hi" to two neighbors I had never spoken to, I asked them if they wanted some bread, too.  They said yes and I was able to tell them I had heard about the free bread on Facebook via S.W.A.N.  A networking moment.

3.  While at TOW I told Cecibel I was taking extra bread for neighbors.  In our conversation she reminded me how we met (at the library) and how I ended up at her house (passing out tomatoes given to me by close friends who farm).  She was very kind in her remembrances.

4.  While walking home from work I ignored while texting a person who I thought was trying to panhandle me.  Actually I said no without hardly looking up.  Turns out he was blind and wanting directions.  So I walked him home and we had the most wonderful talk.  More in person if you are curious. 

5.  Because I had to detour off of Gold I wound up on the corner of National and Fulton.  Who should be there but Pat and Kelly.   She and Pat and I made a plan to get together for mosaics and lunch.

6. Kelly went on and on about a Y membership I was able to acquire for her for free.

7.  I met Sandra (the noisiest of the noisy neighbors I complain about) at the library.  I was able to give her some great service and now she is waving to me when I go to and fro. 

8.  Finished up a flyer for a Create Night.  

9.  Found out a friend was depressed and offered to come over and walk her dog with her. 

10.  Went over to visit a friend who has macular degeneration. 

11.  While helping a person on a computer at work I realized I knew her from about a decade ago. She remembered me and said I helped her after her first hand surgery.

12.  Shout out on a video from an atheist friend about being winsome (my word) in talking with her.

All these things felt like a message from God.  It's OK that I don't walk the streets getting to know my neighbors.  It is OK that I don't want to go to Family Feast or Picnics in the park.  I am being used.  All I need to do is be me and don't worry about how I'm feeling about what I'm not doing.  These things count as love even if I don't feel loving or want to do what others feel called to do.

It goes back to what Jackie said she and Luke have been talking about.  Do we need to look for people to "neighbor" or be open to what the Spirit is doing in our lives?  I think God gave me the answer for me in this wonderful week of events.  

I've been thinking about writing a vision and mission statement for over a decade and I was easily able to pen them after reflecting on this week.  Another gift from God.

Vision Statement:
Help People Become Whole

Mission Statement:
I will fulfill this vision by keeping the eyes of my eyes open to what God is placing before me, by stepping into the lives of people as guided by the Holy Spirit, and by welcoming others to share in my life. 


  1. Wow, I love you Karen. I just read this to Jonathan and we are both very encouraged. No doubt you are living into your mission "keeping your eyes open and stepping into lives as guided by the Spirit."

    Jonathan has been reflecting a lot of "being led by the Spirit" in part from church teachings and our personal devotions together. He said glad it's on your radar. Let's continue the discussion.

    I love the testimony, we always need to be sharing, reminding, encouraging, and pressing one another on. The testimony points to your willingness to respond to what God has placed in front of you. How he is working IN and THROUGH you. How he will be glorified in your life and lead others to himself.

    All things work together for those who are called according to his purpose. We read that tonight in Romans and I see it in your last few blogs.

  2. Thank you Hollie. I can't tell you what a great week it was. I just kept being surprised that God brought more and more things onto my path in such a short time. Even after I "got it" they just kept coming. I thank God for you guys. I love you.

  3. This is so great Karen! Sounds like a week full of great blessings and revelations. Thanks for writing it down and sharing it with us. I'm looking forward to hearing more in person this weekend at group! Also, we're praying for Don..sorry to hear he fell again. Glad he's at the hospital getting checked out. Hope everything is okay. Love you!

  4. Love you, too, Jackie! Thank you again for the encouraging comment that woke me up. Just shows how "a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver".