Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let's Get Going!

Over the last year I've been reading portions of the Bible in the manner described in a book given to me by a friend. Search and Rescue by Neil Cole suggests large passages of Scripture be read over and over again for a week. Being a person who thrives on structure and routine, and armed with a log sheet I created to record my observations, I was off and running. From the beginning I determined that for me, reading the same passage over and over in the same version of the Bible would be boring, so each day I read from a different version. After five days of reading, my sixth morning would involve synthesizing what I had read. On Sunday I would journal the ideas gleaned from the passages that had made the biggest impression.

Why Blog? Over this past year I have written a few notes and many emails to my close friends that contained gleanings they might find interesting. I have enjoyed writing them and receiving the feedback. I am hoping this blog and the responses will move me to write more and better.

The Name of the Blog. The beginning of Hebrews 12 is my favorite passage in the Bible. I often refer to my Christian walk as a journey or a moving down the path. In this chapter the metaphor is a "race". And it is not just "my race", it is THE RACE set before US. I have purposed in my heart that I will finish this race and finish it well. Let's run it together and cross the finish line, eyes fixed on Jesus the Author and the Finisher of our faith!


  1. Nice start! May I suggest that you also print these blog entries and put them in a binder. This electronic age is so temporary. One wrong click or server malfunction etc. etc. and it can all be gone.

    Thanks for taking me into your confidence. I will be coming back often, I'm sure.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Jody. Most of the stuff will be from my journal. I really don't want to print everything out. Maybe I will just save to another area?

  3. You said it'd be OK if a "response" was only short enough to indicate that "posts" were read. I'm posting and wanting to be short. You know how long it takes me to type anything. So - I read the blog and like the concept of "Get Going" :)

  4. Don, glad you read and posted. Thanks!

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