Thursday, March 2, 2017

Motivation-Do the Right Thing Over Time

In Genesis 28 Esau decides to marry a daughter of Ishmael because he sees that Isaac,his father, dislikes the women of Canaan.  It's interesting to me that after Isaac dies in chapter 35 the Genesis records says, "Esau took Canannite women in marriage."  I don't know the timeline.  Maybe he took Canannite wives while his father was still alive and this history is just recorded after Isaac dies.

It struck me that sometimes we can make a right decision for other people but unless we make it from a deep conviction, we may not be able to sustain those good choices over time.  Afer all, how often do we believe, want, and purpose to do this or that and we still falter?  How much more will we fail if we are only making good choices to please others. 

What is your motivation for doing the right thing?  

May the peace of Christ be with you as you ponder issues of motivation.


  1. Boy! Roger that! :*( Wrong 'motivators' never seem to pay off, when it comes to our relationship with God especially!

  2. thanks for reading and commenting