Thursday, September 8, 2016

Reading Through The Bible

At my old church a few people would read the Bible through each year. I knew that would be too much reading for me, so I decided  I would read through the Bible in two years.  I found a two year reading plan and began.  I took notes on passages that I felt I would like to talk with my grandchildren about; I filled 3 steno pads.  It was quite an accomplishment, but in the end I felt like even reading the Bible through in two years was too much reading to be able to absorb or meditate on it. (I did use the Bible references in my notes for a book I self published in 2015 for my grandchildren.)

Fast forward a decade to this past summer.  I was wondering what it would be like to read through the Bible slowly and I found a five year plan online.  I also bought a five year thought a day journal  and on August 29th I began.  Most days I have gotten something out of my reading worth sharing.

A coworker has been bugging...uh, I mean encouraging me to continue to write.  So my plan is to write my discoveries and applications to this daily reading plan.  

If you are interested in the link to the five year reading program, here it is.

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