Monday, July 20, 2015

How Not To Lose Hope As A Christian in A Minority Culture (Part 6)

This is a seven part series that was originally given as one meditation for a vespers service at Central Christian Church in Grand Rapids Michigan.  In my opinion, people who are living their lives with the Bible as their authority are in a minority in our country.

I took a FB test recently that told me I was a pessimist.  While I have never been a sugar plums and puppies kind of person, I have been a half full girl, not a half empty one.

I have so changed since 9-11.  Since I do not believe our country will be improving any time in the near future, am I doomed to be a pessimist?  NO!  I can pray for an attitude adjustment and I can tell myself the TRUTH, the way that I always have when times have gotten tough in my life.

Truth Six:  I need to think about the energy I am leaking while railing against the degradation of our culture. 

I am wasting energy moaning and groaning when this energy could be used to keep my salt flavorful and my light shiny.  Maybe I should make a list of the things I could be doing instead of venting my frustrations.  After all, "We're not in Kansas any more, Toto!"

It will be next to impossible for me to stop grumbling and live out the call of God on my life faithfully alone.  It will help to have a church home where I can pray and encourage and be encouraged by others.  


  1. Agreed! Body Life! Each part needs the other parts, to function as a healthy whole! ESL - wlll that be one way you do your salt and light well?

  2. Yes, possibly. I may do it instead of my writing group.