Monday, July 20, 2015

How Not To Lose Hope as a Christian in a Minority Culture (Part 5)

This is a seven part series that was originally given as one meditation for a vespers service at Central Christian Church in Grand Rapids Michigan.  In my opinion, people who are living their lives with the Bible as their authority are in a minority in our country.

I took a FB test recently that told me I was a pessimist.  While I have never been a sugar plums and puppies kind of person, I have been a half full girl, not a half empty one.

I have so changed since 9-11.  Since I do not believe our country will be improving any time in the near future, am I doomed to be a pessimist?  NO!  I can pray for an attitude adjustment and I can tell myself the TRUTH, the way that I always have when times have gotten tough in my life.

Truth Five:  I need to remember that the Bible says I am a stranger, pilgrim, and alien on this earth.

Up until maybe the last generation or two in the United States people were familiar with God and the Bible even if they were not followers of Jesus. This is not the case any more.  What I began to feel in the 1980's has really taken over our country.

Yet, God has chosen for me to be living on this earth at this point in history.  My call is no less than the saints in the Old Testament.  They lived lives in a minority culture, sometimes even as slaves. 

One of my favorite examples is Daniel.  He was carried away from his home.  Instead of eating the rich foods of the land he continues to practice his faith, sticking to a strict diet and praying to God, even when it was against the law.  Ultimately he finds himself in a lion's den for being obedient to God. 

They ran their race in faith and hope. I run mine having received the promise of Jesus Christ.

There is a cost to being different in our culture, but I need to remember that this world is not my home, I am just passing through.


  1. Known truth...hard to remember and live! In hard times...when someone I know dies....these are the times I remember this....may I remember it more, day by day. I love the richness of earthly life, but there is also toil and trouble enough for each of us....thanks be to God for His great gifts of rescue, salvation, grace, mercy, peace!!!

  2. I feel like I go through life as an alien! Misunderstood by the masses. I need to remember that this is the "passing through" life, not my real residence.